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Sprout's Story



Cecil McClean left home in 1926 to pursue his dream of becoming a jockey. Racing horses throughout the Midwest, with his small stature, he affectionately became known to his friends as "Sprout." 


In 1940, Sprout and his new wife Evelyn opened Sprout's Tavern located at 1029 Broadway in Quincy, IL. While he was serving in World War II, Evelyn handled the day to day operations. After the war, the business grew and moved into a new location at 2814 N. 12th Street in 1948. Here, Sprout's Inn had curbside service and became famous for home cooking and homemade pies. 


Sprout and Evelyn had five children. Joan and Mike, the oldest two, continued working at Sprout's throughout their whole lives, while Rod and Jeff started their successful restaurants. In 1979, Patrick, "Pat," purchased Sprout's from his parents, shortly before the death of his father in 1980. His mother, Evelyn, continued working until she was well into her 80's. 


Pat built on and added new party rooms to the growing restaurant. Later, with his daughter, Jenny Wiemelt added an outdoor eating area called "Evelyn's Garden." They, together with employees who dedicated many years of their lives, turned Sprout's into a household name in Quincy. 


In June of 2012, a few months after the death of Pat, a fire destroyed the restaurant. With determination, Jenny and her husband Bill built a new building completed in the summer of 2013. Once again, Sprout's Inn continues to be that famous place Sprout and Evelyn began nearly 75 years ago, where you can go for a home cooked meal at a reasonable price. 

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